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WATS Quality and Test Data Management system.

WATS Features

Reporting (UUT & UUR)

Collect, organize and access reports the easy way! Upload UUT reports from anywhere and get instant access to data through the web based Reporting application.

WATS Client

The WATS Client allows you to plug into NI TestStand with no programming integration, NI LabVIEW or any programming language supporting.


With the Repair functionality operators can launch a web based reporting tool that allows them to scan the unit’s serial number and WATS will automatically retrieve the failed UUT report and display the failed test(s).

Yield & Trends

WATS offers a number of ready to use reports for Yield, SPC, CPK, trends, traceability, Gauge R&R and OEE analysis.

Manual Inspection

Prepare electronic checklists and log data from any process manually

Root Cause

Looking at the test reports (UUT) as a symptom of failure and the repair reports (UUR) as the description of the cause on single units (e.g. process or component failure) the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) module is the next level of quality improvement.


Make sure all units are produced and tested the right way!


Distribute all types of software and files from the WATS Master Server to any node connected to the WATS system.


Easily create customizable dashboards with refresh capabilities and custom filters.

MAC Address

Manage your pool of MAC addresses with functions to reserve, upload and generate address ranges.

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