Virinco provide product development services, embedded solutions and manufacturing support at all levels of complexity to different customers in a wide range of market segments.
Our customers may come up with great ideas but do not always have the resources to implement that idea. Technology might not even be their field of expertise. Virinco will help you with bringing an idea into a working product, through phases like proof of concept, prototyping, verification, certification and industrialization.
With our ATE experience we can make the product production-friendly and can also assist with the complete production test requirements.

Knowledge and tools

Electronics Design

  • PCB Schematics
  • PCB Layout
  • High speed Signaling

Web & Software technology

  • Cloud data streaming
  • WEB applications
  • App development (iOS/Android)

Mechanical design

  • 3D modeling
  • In-house prototyping

Embedded Software

  • Firmware design
  • Micro Controller (C, C++, Python, Javascript)

Manufacturing support

  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Test Systems/ Design For Test
  • New Product Integration