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The Virinco Global Partner Program provides our partners with a unique opportunity to upsell your traditional Manufacturing Test System Integration Services, with technology addressing the digitalization and continuous-improvement needs of your OEM customers.  

Whatever test-platform you have standardized on, we tie seamlessly into your existing architecture. Making the additional integration efforts for you minimal. Competency areas within our partner program features system integration of automated test equipment, scripting of data converters, and data analytics services. We offer you a unique opportunity to widen your service portfolio capabilities, and with our commission structure we can also help improve your profits.  

Our partners can exclusively offer a limited version of skyWATS for free. This means that you don't have to convince the customer to invest in data management before you deliver the system to them, their investment decision can come later when they experience the first-hand benefits. If they later convert into a paying customer the commission payments to you starts.  

By combining your specialist, industry and geographical expertise with our award-winning skyWATS and WATS platform, we can form a partnership that can ultimately accelerate your customers’ success.

Our Commitment to Your Success

At Virinco, the developer of WATS and skyWATS, we are deeply committed to the success of our Global Partner Channel members, to help ensure that you are able to add value to the end customers throughout every stage of your engagements. From pre-sales, to implementation and afterlife support

  • Sales and Marketing Material We are continuously investing in customer facing value propositions, technical presentations, videos and more. The intent of this is also to benefit our Global Partner Channel members, to lower the efforts needed to upsell even more.
  • Proficiency Training Your ability to deliver on expectations from the customers are critical to the integrity of our position as a lean and flexible solution vendor. We value this position greatly, and commit to ensuring that our partners has all the competencies deemed necessary to succeed in their domains
  • Technical and Pre-Sales Support We're with you all the way through your projects and customer relationships. Our salesforce can assist you in progressing the deals, without impacting your commission kick-back. Our support and development engineers are also able and willing to help you with the technical aspects requiring extra attention.


Benefits from our Global Partner Program

  • Improve profit from Commission Model
  • Exclusive & Free option, simplify up-front selling. Consult Virinco for applicable limitations.
  • Access to Sales, Marketing and Technical Material from Virinco
  • Wider and deeper customer networks
  • More successful customers - more future business opportunities

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