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Quality Solutions

We are a dedicated contributor to quality in our customers products, systems and services.

Product Development

We provide product development services, embedded solutions and manufacturing support at all levels of complexity to different customers in a wide range of market segments.

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Wide-scale collection of Manufacturing Test Data, combined with a proven methodology for continuous improvement gives our WATS customer a strong competitive advantage.

Cloud Solutions

Connect all your Sensor devices with Vicotee HW Interface and make them wireless. Vicotee can easily and effectively connect entire cities using existing technology.

Real - Time Test Results with WATS

We help customers to get control over manufacturing data

define your test data problem Define

Define the problem

Quantify your test problems with WATS Measure

Quantify the problem

analyze your test data with WATS manufacturing Intelligence Analyze

Identify the cause

  • improve your test data
  • trend yield analyse
  • WATS Manufacturing Intelligence service
Improve and Control

with WATS Manufacturing Intelligence service

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Vicotee taking the world beyond 4.0

Taking the world beyond 4.0

We humans tend to talk a lot, we tend to imagine all the things we can do, and we are bothered by things that are suboptimized. We tend to think that a better future, simpler life and more productive and efficient society is a sci-fi future.

It isn't.

Welcome to a more effective, sustainable and better functioning world.

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